Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July Favorites 2014

Beauty | As I was looking back on my past monthly favorites, I was extremely surprised to find that I had never mentioned this product. I tend not to wear much makeup in the summer because, well let's face it, I'll just sweat it off anyway. But, if I do wear something, it will be mascara. This one has proved itself time and time (and time) again. Personally, I'm not as concerned with volume as I am with length and this mascara makes my lashes look miles long. It has a fairly thin formula that doesn't clump together and a curved, plastic brush to grab every single lash...even the ones you didn't know you had! 

Body | Let me tell you about this amazing facial cleanser. I've been itching to try this product for a while actually and it's exceeded my expectations. Now to be fair, I can't really report back on how well it keeps my face clear. I only bought it about a week ago *shmoney dances* (points if you know that reference) and, of course, this would be the week before Mother Nature strikes. So, until my hormonal acne calms itself, I won't be able to give you an accurate reading on this product. Once it does, however, you can expect a full Report Card on it.

Fashion | No shopping means no new fashion favorite. Sorry guys!

Accessories | Another recent purchase, this Aldo watch set has me obsessed. Not only was it completely affordable (it was only $35 $30!), but it's also a great investment piece. With five interchangeable straps, it's more like I bought five watches for $6 each! I'm guessing you can pick up on my thought process as I was trying to convince myself (and my friends) that this was a reasonable purchase. However, if you're concerned about its quality, both the straps and the watch face are sturdy and made of quality material. Plus, each piece is only $5 to replace if there ever is an issue. If you're looking for some new arm candy without breaking the bank, Aldo makes this set in several colors and patterns (the set that I bought is not shown). Give it a try!

Techie | Oddly enough, I also don't have a new techie favorite this month. I suppose it's been a little slow on the electronics front in July.

Song | Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious. This song features two of my favorite artists and I literally could not be more ecstatic about this collaboration. BeyoncĂ© has shown her much more tough and sultry side this past album (Heyyyy, Mrs. Carter) while Nicki has been toning her look and sound down a few notches. The result? A song where the two can meet right in the middle. Both women flawlessly (no pun intended, I swear) shut down circulating rumors and shut up any haters in less than four minutes. Girl power at its finest.

Munchies | This is always a favorite so I've never even thought to include it, ironically. I eat them pretty often for breakfast. They taste good and fill you up without leaving you feeling weighed down. Nature Valley in general does granola pretty well. I'm just not a fan of their more notable crunchy bars. There is absolutely no cute way to eat them...ever.

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