Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February Favorites 2014

Beauty | Maybelline Color Elixir in Caramel Infused
I had been eyeing this product from the moment I first saw the commercial for it. I had been looking for a good nude gloss and this is close to perfect. While I wanted a more beige-y nude, this color, to my surprise, has more of a pink undertone. Regardless, it still looks fabulous against my skin tone and I have a feeling it will look even better come summertime.

Fashion | Forever 21 Draped Cardigan in Heather Grey
I realize I didn't include a fashion category for January, which is just silly. It will definitely be included for the remainder of the year. Last month I got a ton of use out of that grey sweater I mentioned buying in my last favorites post. It's still ridiculously cold where I am so layering this with every outfit has been so helpful. Plus, it's neutral so it goes with everything; how convenient. The cardigan linked above isn't exactly the same, but you get the idea.

Accessories | Forever 21 "I Need Mascara" Small Cosmetic Pouch
Before I got my hands on this, my purse had been in shambles for months...if not years. I've become one of those girls who throws makeup in their bag to touch up during the day but never seems to take it back out. My purse looked like Sephora was recovering from a hangover and just threw up in it. This pouch may seem simple to you, but it has saved my organization and sanity. Although it appears to be sold out online, it's possible that it's still available in stores.

Techie | Google Drive
Speaking of organization, February was definitely made possible by Google Drive. I know it's nothing new or revolutionary, but it helped me tremendously this month. Two presentations, four internship blog posts, and several calendar events later, I'm still alive. All credit goes to this application...alright well 40 percent.

Song | Make A Mil by PARTYNEXTDOOR
I'll admit I was a little late to the party (no pun intended), but his self-titled debut album was on constant rotation last month. Specifically, I couldn't seem to shake this song. I would describe the album itself as very laid-back and mellow overall and this track is about as turnt as it gets. Well, it gets me pretty hype and that's all that really matters, right?

Munchies | Lays Kettle Cooked Jalapeno Chips
I'm not sure why but I haven't been able to stop eating these. I really have no explanation for this new addiction. However, I can blame my friend Sabrina for introducing them to me a few months ago. Weird that I'm just now getting hooked to them; just one of the world's mysteries I suppose.

What got you through the month of February? I'd love to know. Share in the comments below or tell me all about it on Twitter!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars 2014 Best, Dressed

So you guys lucked up with only getting a "Top 5" out of me for the Golden Globes this year. However, choosing only five looks from last night's Oscars seemed nearly I chose 10. Enjoy!

10. Amy Adams in Gucci Premiere | Peplum seemed to be a huge trend last night and I can see why. It's wildly flattering and on Adams, it was stunning. The navy color she chose also highlighted her hair and eye colors. 

9. Meryl Streep in Lanvin | This should come as no surprise. After all she's the queen; she has to look like royalty. She definitely didn't disappoint in this black and white draped number. 

8. Lady Gaga in Atelier Versace | I actually didn't even see this gown on Gaga until this morning as I was compiling this list. She looks fabulous and her natural styling of late is really doing it for me. Thumbs up!

7. Camila Alves McConaughey in Gabriela Cadena | I love her. I know nothing about her but she seems like a wonderful wife and mother, all while being absolutely flawless. Her skin tone against this powder pink was perfect. Did I mention I love her? Because I do.

6. Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen | If Meryl Streep is queen then I think it's officially safe to say that Bullock is setting herself up to be next in succession. Last night she dazzled. Every hair in place, makeup applied to perfection, and can we talk about the fit of this gown? Lovely. 

5. Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture | Swoon. Lawrence carries herself like the leading lady she truly is. Her styling is always age-appropriate (she's only 23!), fun, edgy, but always elegant. It almost makes you forget about what a lovable, goofball she really is. 

4. Anne Hathaway in Gucci | Another Gucci number to add to the list, but this one is strikingly different from Adams'. Hathaway has done a similar neckline before and it really works on her. The jewels made the gown both edgy and classy, something that's very tricky but Hathaway seemed to pull it off with ease.

3. Kerry Washington in Jason Wu | Washington is just glowing isn't she? At each awards show this season she has tastefully, and proudly, shown off her baby bump. Last night was no exception and she looked fabulous chowing down on the pizza that Ellen DeGeneres bought for the audience!

2. Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab Haute Couture | Jolie is usually stunning but something about her last night just seemed even more incredible. Metallic was another trend on the Oscars red carpet and Jolie carried it with effortless grace. Well done. 

1. Lupita Nyong'o in Prada | Nyong'o was the belle of the ball; in fact she received several comparisons on social media to Cinderella. She also shared in an interview before the show that she had a hand in designing the gown which was inspired by champagne bubbles. Nyong'o is a solidified It Girl after winning Best Supporting Actress last night, but do I smell a design collaboration down the line? I sure hope so!

Were there any show stoppers that didn't make the list? Share your favorites below!