Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: How to Nip a Cold in the Bud

Since I've just recovered from a cold in about four days, I think I can give my expert opinion on this subject. 

The best advice I have is to stay active and to stay hydrated. This was one of the few colds that I've had that made me physically weak. Just going to grab something to eat proved to be a task. But when you do have a burst of energy, use it. Try to keep your strength up. When it comes to staying hydrated, make sure you drink plenty of water and orange juice. Not a fan? Just keep drinking anything with a ton of vitamin C. Staying hydrated will help flush your system of germs and vitamin C will help boost your immune system.  

Also, just keep clean and away from others as much as possible. I know that can be difficult, especially if you're a college student like me, but it's definitely best for a speedy recovery.

Stay healthy and bundle up!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fashion Faux Pas

Hey lovely people. First off I hope all of you had a lovely Valentine's Day, whether it was a romantic day with the one you love or a chill day with you and your friends.

I want to apologize for the lack of a Fashion Fridays post yesterday. As it would happen Thursdays are my busiest day of the week so my boyfriend surprised me and postponed our celebration until Friday. I know it's no excuse but I didn't want to leave you in the dark.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that we had a wonderful time and if you would like to see pictures from our evening just let me know.

Love you guys,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: Combat Winter Dryness

It's no secret that once the winter months come, so comes dry skin. Unfortunately the cold, dry winter air is no friend to our skin, sucking out any bit of moisture that we would naturally produce. No problem. We just have to treat our skin to a little extra TLC for a few months.

First off, always moisturize your skin fresh out of the shower. Your pores are open and able to absorb as much moisture as possible, as opposed to just sitting on top of your skin. Also, ditch the regular body lotion and upgrade to a body butter or cream for a while. Drier skin is going to need extra help and these thicker formulas usually get the job done. If your skin is still unresponsive, add a bit of your favorite oil to your body cream when you apply it. Adding a few drops to the palm of your hand with your body cream can really make a world of difference and keep your skin as soft as the sweater you'll be bundled up in.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Fridays: Kwashee Totimeh

Philadelphia, PA

1. Hat | Atlanta Braves Fitted
2. Scarf | Urban Outfitters
3. Sweater | Old Navy 
4. Shirt | Corsa on South Street
5. Chains | Top Man 
6. Headphones | Beats by Dr. Dre
7. Checkered Shirt (wrapped around waist) | Old Navy
8. Jeans | Plndr.com
9. Shoes | Timberland

For more of Kwashee:
Twitter- @KwizzyOhsoWavy
Instagram- kwizzyohsowavy

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: Sudden Breakouts

The simplest way to nip breakouts in the bud? White toothpaste. You can apply just a dab of white toothpaste on the breakout site to reduce redness, calm inflammation, and dry it out faster. It also works well if you feel a breakout coming on and you want to keep it from going any further. I've found it works best to wear the toothpaste overnight after you wash your face . It gives the product enough time to do its thing. So next time you break out don't run for the tweezers, grab your toothpaste instead.

Note: this is just for spot treatments. Toothpaste was made for teeth, not skin. If you try this method regularly or as an all-over treatment it can over dry the skin causing redness and peeling. Be careful and be smart.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Coming Soon | Fashion Fridays

Brace yourselves because starting next Friday I'll be adding a new feature: Fashion Fridays. It will focus on OOTDs, inspiration looks, and you! Yes, that's right, you. Looking good? Send me a picture of your outfit and you could be featured!

So pull out your Jays and dust off your heels because it's camera time.