Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May Favorites 2014

Beauty | Although I haven't used it for very long, I've fallen in love with this nail color! I borrowed it from my friend and fellow blogger, Amber, a couple weeks ago and I've been wearing it ever since. I typically gravitate towards more matte shades, but this iridescent color is perfect for summer. I wasn't able to find it online, but I know this brand is sold at many beauty supply stores and Five Below.

Body | This is actually an every month favorite but it's definitely worth mentioning. There are so many amazing uses for coconut oil that it's honestly just silly trying to live without it! It's great for your hair, skin, and body. Personally, it's greatly improved moisture retention in my hair and visibly reduced scars. I love it. One tip though, don't use it for an all over body moisturizer during the summer. After all, oil does heat up easily and I wouldn't want you to burn while soaking up some summer rays!

Fashion | My friend Rachel and I bought these sandals together in two different colors as a parting gift of sorts. I'll be staying in Philadelphia for the majority of the summer, while she'll be working in DC. We thought it might be a good item to share between friends since our last endeavor didn't go so well. (We bought matching rings last summer and now neither of us has any idea where we placed them). But, there's no way I can lose these beauties. I've been itching for a nice pair of minimal sandals and now, I finally have a pair in my closet.

Accessories | Again, I have to credit Rachel for this one. She came to visit me for my 21st birthday in March and while we were shopping at H&M, she bought me this adorable two-strand bracelet that I kept eyeing. I've worn it just about everyday since. I couldn't find the exact bracelet online, but I've linked a similar one below.

Techie | Yes, it was announced two seconds ago. No, it's not available yet. The reason this is a favorite is simply because this operating system actually changed more than just the camera and a few fonts. Should this operate smoothly, it promises to be one of the best things that's ever happened to Apple customers...or at the very least, me.

Song | Fancy is so annoyingly catchy and the music video inspired by one of my favorite movies just put it over the top for me. I've been a fan of Iggy for a while now, so I'm glad she's finally getting more mainstream attention. She's seemed to keep her message consistent and her branding is on point. If she stays climbing at this pace, I have no doubt she'll be the artist of the summer...maybe even 2014.

Munchies | I want to apologize in advance for this month's favorite food since only my fellow Philadelphians can find this. This chicken caesar salad is seriously the best thing in the world and I'm lucky enough that it's right down the street from me. Again, sorry guys!

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