Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tips & Tricks Tuesday | DIY Fashion Lifesavers

I ran into this article on Mashable a couple weeks ago listing different fashion tricks that men can use but honestly, all I read was a billion things that women can do as well. Here a few amazing DIY tips that you can use to make your fashion life a whole lot easier!

  • In a rush and your shirt is super wrinkled? Toss it in the dryer with an ice cube! It will create steam to lessen the creases.
  • Clean your leather shoes with olive oil for a natural sheen instead of a high gloss shine.
  • If you can get over the sanitation factor, put your smelly shoes in the freezer overnight to eliminate the odor. I suggest several layers of plastic bags for this one!
  • Sharpen your razor with an old pair of jeans. Dull razors are the number one cause of nicks and razor bumps so a sharp razor is key. I've actually done this trick myself and it works like a charm!
  • You can also use razors to remove fuzz off of old sweaters. This doesn't work on all fabrics so if you're not sure how your sweater will respond, test a small, hidden section first to avoid ruining one of your favorite cardigans.
Typically I pull my tips and tricks from my own personal experiences, but when I read this article I knew it was too good not to pass along. Hope these help!

If you have fashion life-hacks of your own, share below!

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