Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Band Or Artist That Has Gotten You Through Some Tough Ass Days (Write A Letter) - Day 13

Dear Lauryn Hill,

It's hard for me to write this letter to you because a large part of me feels indebted to you for getting me through those hard times and another part of me is upset with you for not getting me through even more.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill has, ironically, taught me so much. Your album taught me that there is absolutely nothing new under the sun. What do I mean by that? I mean the same situation that you think you're going through alone, someone out there has either experienced it before or is going through it with you. There were times where I've experienced heartbreak inflicted by love interests...and by family. Regardless of the issue, it seemed that you always had the solution.

A few years ago, I would have reached for your album for a little therapy. Give me a hot bath, that CD, and a box of tissues and I would be just fine after an hour...or two. Now, I reach for it when I'm in a good space. I don't hear the sadness in your songs anymore, rather I hear the joy and the freedom. That album is a reminder that I'm no longer in a place where I need you to console me because it seems you are the only one who understands. That album is what I reach for when I'm at peace now. Funny thing is, your album helped me get to that place and I'm grateful for that.

I have to say you spoiled me with that album. You gave so much of yourself and just took it away. If your track "To Zion" was a warning, I didn't heed it. Your joy may now be invested in raising your family, but the joy of so many others, including myself, was in your music. I'm grateful for the songs you gave me to make it through those tough days, but I'm so sad to see them go.

I miss you Lauryn and I truly wish you all the best in your revival, if you so choose.


Part of the 30 Days of Truth Challenge.


Dear Jordan,