Sunday, September 22, 2013

Top Ten Things Girls Say When Applying Makeup

  1. This color does not look the same as it did the last time I put it on.
  2. I know I can get this last little bit of [insert lip product here] out.
  3. Is lip liner really necessary? Goes outside the lines. Damn, I guess it is.
  4. I think I'll keep it simple today. Comes out with full smokey eye.
  5. Shit, shit, shit I got mascara in my eye! Oh my god! Help me baby Jesus! Help me Oprah!
  6. Why don't my winged lines ever look the same?!
  7. In the bathroom: I don't think I put enough on. Outdoors: I look like a Cullen.
  8. I'm sure if I just add a little water to this mascara it'll be just fine.
  9. Why haven't I used this in so long? It's amazing!
  10. Where the hell did I put my lip balm?!
This post was just for fun because I know that we've all thought these things at some point or another. If you have another phrase to add to the list, use the hashtag "MakeupQuotes" on Twitter so I can see them. I may make a whole post dedicated to the list my readers come up with!


  1. I don't wear much makeup but numbers 1, 9, & 10 are SO me! LOL!


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