Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: Clear Skin

People are constantly asking me how I get my skin so clear. It actually started many years ago. I didn't have terrible acne but I have always been obsessed with my skin so to me, my skin was a war zone. During a routine check up, I remember asking my doctor what I could do about it and she wrote me a prescription for benzoyl peroxide gel. This stuff was super drying, super intense, and super effective. Definitely nothing that you could just get over the counter, I thought.

Target brand pictured

Every six months or so I would have to renew my prescription, but with every renewal came another doctor visit. They wanted to make sure I actually still needed the product. Even after I began coming in with clear skin, they always filled my prescription again. Why was I wasting time going to the doctor when they were just going to give me the product anyway?

Luckily, I discovered that drugstores carry creams with 10% benzoyl peroxide content and it works perfectly! Some consistencies I've found I like better than others, but overall they work really well. Most acne medications use salicylic acid as their active ingredient, but benzoyl peroxide is the real life saver. It's cheap and effective so what are you waiting for?!

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