Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Best, Finds | No. 3

As always, I have a good mix of new finds and old favorites. Luckily this week the internet was full of a ton of great stuff...enough to still have a fresh batch of Best, Finds on Saturday. You're welcome.

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  • When I mentioned old favorites earlier I was thinking of Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Yet another blogger I've been following for years, I've loved watched her site grow and change over time. If you know me, I have a huge soft spot for neon, so you can only imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon her post featuring this gorgeous day-glo lace dress. I could talk more about it, but the outfit speaks for itself. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)
  • As a DC native, I always tend to gravitate towards anything that has to do with my hometown. So when I saw this post on The Everygirl, I was sold instantly. It doesn't hurt that the home featured is absolutely stunning. I'm moving into a new house with a few of my friends later this summer and I've been bit by the interior design bug. I'll definitely be bookmarking this post for inspiration later. (The Everygirl)
  • When Gossip Girl ended, I found myself with a void in my life. Luckily, Chloe Morello came to fill that void. Originally I subscribed to her YouTube channel because she has an uncanny resemblance to Leighton Meester who played Gossip Girl main character Blair Waldorf. But, as I continued watching, I fell in love with her creative makeup looks and even more in love with her personality. This Australian beauty is becoming increasingly popular and is definitely the girl to watch. (Chloe Morello)
  • Next up is the lovely, and admittedly long-winded, Essie Button. It took me a while to finally take the plunge and subscribe to her YouTube channel because...well...she takes a long time to say what she has to say. But the thing is, you don't mind because she's becomes the best friend you never knew you were missing. Her post on Diptyque's Geranium products completely sold me. I've been wanting to try the brand for a while, but now I'm convinced to finally invest in it. (Essie Button)
  • As I was writing, this next find sort of became a two-for-one special. Originally, this blurb was supposed to be about Elise of Pennyweight and her recent post titled Boots & Pine...that is until realized the post was named after the blog Boots & Pine. What I thought was just a lovely fashion shoot, turned out to be an even better interview of Elise on the Boots & Pine blog. I ended up finding two blogs that are both incredible. Enjoy! (Pennyweight | Boots & Pine)

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