Monday, June 16, 2014

Best, Finds | No. 2

  • Not too long ago, I learned that a friend of mine is a part of company called Tastemakers NJ which highlights modern street style, music and culture. Their website's recent rebrand showcases a strong aesthetic and an even stronger voice. I love the direction the group has taken and I definitely plan on ordering that "Make It Happen" tote this summer!
  • On a more inspirational note, Clementine Daily wrote a piece full of advice for recent graduates. Well, I may have one more year to tackle before I can call myself a grad, but I found this post equally helpful for where I am right now. Who knows? It may just encourage you as well. Give it a read this weekend!
  • After the teeniest hiatus from filming for travel, Hey Claire is back in full force. One of my favorite videos she just put out is her closet confidential tag. Full disclosure, she's one of my absolute favorite YouTubers so I could have picked any one of her videos and been content. The reason this video won out? The pair of red Zara heels she featured. Period. Watch the video, check out the shoes, and tell me I'm wrong for that...but you probably can't.
  • Lisa Hamilton of See Want Shop followed me on Twitter this past week and I'm so glad she did. Her blog is so clean, fresh, and classic. She hasn't posted a look I haven't loved (or worn a pair of shoes I haven't coveted), but my favorite post this week featured a gorgeous pink trench with a waterfall lapel. One other odd thing that I love about her blog, almost every post has a bouquet of flowers. It really is the little things that make me happy.
  • Last, but certainly not least, is Apartment 34 by Erin Hiemstra. Another blog that's a recent find of mine, I've fallen in love with its whole aesthetic and range of topics. My favorite post this week on summer trends drew me in with the featured dress and bucket bags alone...but I stayed for the great content.
Make sure to check out this week's best finds and feel free to let me know anything you've come across this week too!

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