Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tips & Tricks Tuesday | Best Eyeshadows For Your Eye Color

Since my tips last Tuesday on finding the right lip color for your skin tone were so popular, I decided to do a sequel! For most of my beauty-obsessed girls, this is probably common knowledge to you by now. However, even the best have their little book of basics tucked in their back pocket for quick reference. This is one of those basics.

For brown eyes: Because brown is a neutral, you can use any shadow color and it won't compete with your eyes. However, to really make them sparkle use bronze, peach, purple, and shades of blue and green.
For blue eyes: Since blue is a cool tone, putting warmer tones on the lid will make them stand out. Also, avoid using colors that are too bold because they can distract from the beautiful blue color your eyes naturally have. Try bronze/golden shades, peach, slate, and champagne.
For green eyes: Nothing makes your eyes pop more than purple, there's no doubt about that. However, if you aren't a huge fan of the hue, try browns with a reddish undertone (like rust and sepia) and subtle pinks.
For hazel eyes: Because hazel eyes can have flecks of brown, green, grey, and gold, they are like chameleons and can be transformed to bring out whatever color you want to emphasize based on your shadow choice. To play up the green, of course go for purple shades and for brown, use yellow-based browns and gray. Avoid light golds though because they tend to wash you out. Dusty pinks and burgundy also look lovely on you.

Remember, you can wear whatever colors make you happy. These are just a few colors that will make your eyes shine even brighter!

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