Friday, August 2, 2013

Fashion Fridays | Describe Your Style

Describe your style. Probably the hardest question ever. I've been told I dress pretty girly though. I personally think I probably look more professional than most because I will throw a blazer on top of literally any outfit. I don't care.

What is your favorite accessory? My white tortoise and rose gold Fossil watch.

Have you gone through any personal and/or interesting fashion eras? (ex: have you ever only worn a certain color like black, or only wore ‘punk’ clothing?) I mean wasn't middle school interesting for everyone?

Do you collect shoes or hats, or anything like that? I used to collect scarves...heavy. I recently got another one while in Puerto Rico so maybe I'll start back up.

Do you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear, if not what would you change? Why would you wear clothes you aren't comfortable in? Now if there's an outfit that I put together and I'm not really feeling it, I'll change the whole thing. If I don't have time to I feel squirmy all day.

Describe your body shape: Curvy, baby.

Do you wear clothes to emphasize/accentuate/change your body shape in any way? I would say so... and so would my mom.

What stores do you shop at, usually? I'm typically an H&M (praise everything that they finally have online shopping), Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, American Apparel, thrift shop kind of girl. I have never sounded more basic in my life.

Would you ever go thrift shopping for clothes? Yup.

What do you wear to the beach? Well over top of my swimsuit I really like lace dress cover ups and beach pants, both harem and wide leg.

Does your style evolve over time or does it change drastically? I think it evolves but occasionally I will have random outfit inspirations that are outside of my typical style.

Who is your fashion inspiration? I don't think there is a particular person that I draw from for inspiration. I come up with just as many outfit ideas while online window shopping as I do thumbing through a fashion magazine.

Is there a time of year when you think you are the least fashionable, like in the Winter? I think I'm least fashionable in the summer because big I'm a fan of layers which isn't the best option in July.

Do you ever dress formally? What do you wear for formal occasions? I do although I don't get the chance to very often. I've been waiting for the chance to wear an all white outfit next. 

Have you ever had an awkward fashion stage? When my mother dressed me. We're talking mom jeans (with eventual patches in the knees), knee high white socks with clunky Mary Jane's (light years ahead of my time), and skorts. Funny, I just described Tumblr.*

How has your size impacted your style, both in the past and present? Well there are certain tops and dresses that I have to look right over if they aren't cut in a way that will accommodate my bra. I have a pretty large chest so going bra less, or even strapless sometimes, simply isn't an option for me. Oh how I long for a spaghetti strap backless silk tank.

Favorite skirt length. Currently midi. It's fun, different, and makes modest sexy as hell.

Favorite sleeve length. Um I don't have one. Do normal people have one?

*I love Tumblr. Don't get it twisted.

I really want my readers to do this survey too because I would love to know about your personal style. Simply copy and paste the survey in the comments section below and fill it out with all of your fashion favorites. Click here for a clear copy of the survey to get you started!

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