Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wish You Were Here - San Juan, Puerto Rico

First of all, I just want to apologize for the wait. Some of you have been itching for details of my trip and finally, here it is!

I have officially been bit by the traveling bug. Having never been outside of the United States, let alone the east coast, this trip to Puerto Rico was definitely a milestone for me. I experienced so many once in a lifetime opportunities that when I think back, it almost feels like a dream.

Of course, some of the most memorable adventures I wasn't able to document. We went parasailing off the coast of the beach homes of Michael Jordan and Ricky Martin. Later that evening, we went on a late night kayak trip to get a glimpse at something called bioluminescence. That's just a big word for these beautiful single cell organisms that glow when you touch them. Not only did we get to see that, but while we were in the bay, we got the most remarkable view of the stars. A view that I'll never be able to get in the city. We also went jet skiing which was so much fun! Warning: if you ride with a partner just know that it's much easier to drive than to try and hold on to the back.

In between our adventures we enjoyed sight seeing, relaxing on the beach or the pool, and trying the island cuisine naturally! We also met some extended family members who showed us what true Puerto Rican culture and hospitality are really like: absolutely wonderful. So, I'm not going to talk your ears off. Just enjoy a few of the moments I was able to capture.

Our little path to the beach. 

The Roots.

Note the most delicious pina colada ever in the background.

Birds in Old San Juan.

Before we set sail, parasailing that is.

Ginepas. The yummiest, oddest fruit.


Rice pudding, papaya, and flan. Yum!

All smiles with mi amor. 

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