Sunday, March 17, 2013

Something People Seem to Compliment You the Most On | Something You Never Get Compliments On - Days 11 & 12

I always get compliments on...

  • My hair. Especially when it needs to be done, what is up with that?!
  • My smile. And I have a gap. Get like me.
  • My teeth. I don't think they're any whiter than the next but if you say so.
  • My skin. Which I pride myself in.
  • My ideas. I like when people compliment or notice my intellect. It's refreshing.

However, I never get compliments on...
  • My eyebrows. They're perfect. They're on my face. Notice them.
  • My lips. Even though it would be extremely weird to get a compliment about them, I quite enjoy them.
  • My photography. Mind you, I haven't taken real pictures in forever but I think I have a good eye.
  • My consideration. I'm always thinking of others before myself and I feel like it goes unnoticed.
  • My consultations. People constantly ask me for advice, get mad at me for telling the truth, then tell me later that it all worked out. Go figure.

The moral of the story? Compliment me more. I'm completely kidding. 


  1. You inspired me to try this blogging thing again!!! :)

  2. This was actually hysterical. Loved it!! So glad you're doing the challenge.


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